Usage Manual

Open Tickets

Ticketing systems are a means to support and help you deal with any issues/requests at your company, managing the issues from the moment they’re captured through to their resolution.

Let's go over the basic things you will need to know:

Each user will be granted with a username and password (created by administrator of the system)

At first, you will be redirect to the main page, which will include Submit a ticket and My tickets.

Submit a ticket:

You can send all your request or issues to the respective department using submit ticket. By clicking this button a new interface will open as shown in the picture:

Picture 1: Submit a ticket

IT support is selected by default but you can change it by clicking in Help Topic where the list of all help topics will appear as below:

Picture 2: Help Topics

All the fields that appears with the red mark * are mandatory.

  • Subject*

  • Message*

  • Brand*

Fields below Message box are customized based on the selected Help Topic:

For example CRM Support Help Topic has an extra mandatory field: Issue*.

If your request requires documents you can attach the files here in the button below Message box:

Picture 3: Attachments

-The limit is 30 MB for all documents.

-The allowed formats are: JPG, PNG, PDF or ZIP files.


My Tickets

In this module you will see the list of all the tickets that you have created and their statuses/updates.

As you can see in the picture 4 the tickets are filtered based on two statuses Opened and Resolved.

In a table view all the tickets will be listed and general information for each one of them:

  • Subject

  • Ticket ID

  • Priority

  • Help Topic

  • Last Replier

  • Last Activity

  • Status

  • From

To comment or to check the updates on a specific issue you can click on the subject of the ticket

Picture 4: My tickets

and the ticket will be extended:

In the extended view you will see full information of the ticket. And there you will have the option to write a message or to attach documents. Also you will see the timeline/history of updates, meaning all changes of status and the replies made in this ticket. Please note that if a ticket is in status Resolved and after that you will write in the ticket, this will cause reopening the ticket, the system notice that as you do not agree with the solution given. Support will recheck the ticket and give another solution for your issue.


If you are a manager you will see also the tickets that your agents have opened with the same information as explained above, the only difference is that in the column From you will see the name of the user who has opened the ticket.